AccuBattery Mod Apk v2.0.0 (PRO Unlocked) Download

AccuBattery Mod Apk v2.0.0 (PRO Unlocked) Download

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The AccuBattery Mod Apk app is an iOS app that helps you understand the health of your device’s battery.

It has a simple interface with information about what percentage of power is left in your phone, how long it will last until it dies, and if there are any problems with the battery. This can be helpful to know when deciding whether or not to charge your phone before going out, and it will tell you exactly how long your battery can last. This is different from other iOS apps that only know the percentage of power left, but don’t give an estimate of time remaining.

AccuBattery’s website states that their battery app provides “iPhone users with detailed information about the most important characteristics of their phone’s battery: current charge, remaining time, total usage time, and temperature” ( AccuBattery ).

App also provides users with the ability to check their battery’s health. They can tell if there is anything wrong with the battery like a broken battery percentage indicator, iOS updates that drain the battery life of your iPhone, or if your device’s power management features are working properly Also Check out Hotstar MOD APK.

This information is pulled from your device when you download the app and it provides you with a report on whether or not there are any problems or if your settings are working properly. The app runs continuously in the background of your phone, but it only takes up around 2% of your battery life. AccuBattery also offers a premium feature that will give you access to historical graphs and estimates of how long your phone will last on each charge.

What is AccuBattery Mod Apk

The AccuBattery Mod Apk is an application that allows users to control the performance of their devices. The app can be used in conjunction with other apps like Tasker and Llama to create battery-saving profiles for your device. There are also many other features available, such as controlling CPU frequencies when the screen is off or when certain apps are running. There is also a widget that allows you to change settings on your device with one tap.

AccuBattery app comes in an ad-supported version, but the paid version of this software will cost $1.99 and allow you to turn all ads off and get more features like the ability to view historical battery usage. If you don’t want to pay the premium price, then you can download the ad-supported version for free.

Features of AccuBattery Mod Apk

The AccuBattery Mod Apk includes features like battery temperature and voltage, all of which can be found in the settings menu. It also has a notification system that will tell you when your battery needs replacement or if it is experiencing any other problems.

Use Dark and AMOLED black themes to save energy

With AMOLED black you can switch off pixel colors, which means that displayed pixels (e.g. in the status bar) won’t use any energy to emit light. With a Dark theme, AccuBattery saves even more energy as pixels in the status bar and other views are not emitting light as long as they’re pure black.

Access to historical sessions older than 1 day

You can access all historical sessions older than 1 day to see how your battery has been performing over time.

Charging and discharging chart

You can even create a session and analyze the changes in voltage and temperature during the discharge/charge period! This is particularly interesting for notebook batteries. The charging and discharging chart gives you an excellent overview at a glance.

Get a notification on time to leave

You will never miss another important date or meeting again with the ‘Time to Leave’ notification system. The app calculates your remaining estimated time and sends you a reminder when it’s time to leave. This way, you’ll always be perfectly on time, even if the traffic is horrible.

Tasker, Llama, and Locale Plug-ins

AccuBattery is the only battery monitor on the market that supports Tasker, Llama, and Locale plug-ins.

Pro Key of AccuBattery Mod Apk

  • Pro Unlocked
  • Ads Free
  • More Widgets
  • No Ads
  • More Widgets
  • All premium features unlocked
  • Ad-Free
  • More Widgets
  • No Ads
  • All Pre- unlocked features

How to Download and Install AccuBattery Mod Apk

A lot of people are looking for ways to make their batteries last longer. One way is by using AccuBattery Mod Apk, which can be downloaded and installed on your Android device. This mod helps you monitor the remaining battery life, notifies you when it’s time to charge, and even offers a cool widget that allows you to control what apps run in the background. Learn more about this app below.

Step 1. First of all, you need to download the apk file on your Android phone. Once it is downloaded, open it up and press Install. You will need to permit it if this is your first time installing an app from outside of the Play Store.

Step 2: After pressing install, you can now open the app. Once it is opened, you will be asked if you want to sign in with your Google account or create a new account.

Step 3: Press “Skip” and the app’s main interface will open up. You can view your battery life at a glance. There is also a built-in battery saver that you can enable anytime.

AccuBattery Mod Apk FAQs

AccuBattery Mod Apk is a free battery-saving app that can help you to prolong your device’s battery life. This app has been tested by many people, and they have found it useful because of its strong functions. You will be able to find out more about this app in the article below.

Q. How do I use the app?

A. You simply get it from Google Play Store and install it on your Android device. Once you open it, you can choose your preferred language.

Q. Does the app offer a pro version?

A. Yes, it does. However, you can still use the app’s free version perfectly well.

Q. How can I save my battery?

A. With this app, you can find out how much battery your apps are using up. You can also use its built-in battery saver to help you save battery life.

Q. How does the app work?

A. The app is designed with a built-in power stability indicator that can let you know when your battery is going to run out. It also tells you the different apps that are draining up your battery, along with how much power they’re using up.

Q. How do I use the widget?

A. Once you open up your AccuBattery app, you can use the widget to learn about how long your Android device’s battery is going to last.


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