LockMyPix PRO MOD APK v5.1.2.6 (Premium/Unlocked) Download

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LockMyPix PRO MOD APK v5.1.2.6 (Premium/Unlocked) Download
Name LockMyPix PRO
Publisher fourchars
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Updated May 22, 2021
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
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The LockMyPix PRO MOD APK Photo Vault PRO app allows you to set password protection on photos and videos that are stored in the Photo Vault PRO app. Once protected with a PIN, password, or pattern, no one will be able to see what you have hidden inside this top-rated and editor’s choice photo vault made for iPhone and iPad.LockMyPix Photo Vault is the ultimate app for not only hiding or encrypting photos and videos on your iPhone but also allows you to make private folders, turn your

iPhone into a secure digital safe, password-protect applications, and more. Take advantage of this special price for a limited time only.LockMyPix is the first photo vault to hide pictures and videos from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr. Hide photos using a secret password wherever you are. Protect photos by hiding them with our PRO version that encrypts your files. LockMyPix is fast and easy to use.


Simply drag photos or videos into your private folder, change the file type and add a secret password to encrypt your photos and documents for Facebook Privacy yet you can still view them later with our free viewer.LockMyPix is the first photo vault app designed specifically for Android to hide photos and videos from prying eyes. It also allows you to lock any app on your cell phone.


Your picture and video collection are not only secure but also available on your PC where you can safely backup your data. With LockMyPix, you can rest assured knowing that your pictures and videos are absolutely safe from privacy intruders.
LockMyPix PRO Mod Apk allows you to protect your photos and videos by fingerprint, password, or both. This app also includes an option for hiding files behind a password-protected Photo Vault screen so that your private photos stay private.

Award-winning photo protection tool. LockMyPix is a Patent Pending Photo & Video Vault that is disguised as a Photo Viewer to keep your private photos and videos safe from curious eyes. By keeping Hidden or Private photos and videos stored in a LockMyPix, unauthorized people won’t bother trying to view photos they weren’t meant to see.
LockMyPix is the app to hide pictures and videos on your device, only you can access them.

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LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO has been optimized for true usability on Apple TV. With its user-friendly interface, LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO allows viewers to surf 500 top channels and video apps on Apple TV in a snap. All videos are organized by channels, making it simple to find your favorite shows or movies. With so many ways to store photos, where do you keep them all? LockMyPix was designed to give you peace of mind in knowing that photos will always be available.

What is LockMyPix PRO Premium APK

Keep it on your PC, and even use the USB drive feature for off-site storage. You can also upload your photos to a storage service such as Dropbox. When you take a picture with LockMyPix PRO Premium Apk Photo Vault Pro, it is actually copied into your proprietary backup folder, so you always have a backup of your pictures.

Plus, with the option to add tags and notes to each photo, organizing has never been easier! The Pro version of our popular LockMyPix Photo Vault contains the same features as the free version with the addition of all new features and a few additional options.

With LockMyPix PRO Premium APK Photo Vault™, your private photos stay on your device and out of others’ hands. LockMyPix is a single-user application that password protects your photos while making them available for preview and sharing on the Fly. The Photo Vault can be unlocked for editing (adding captions, deleting, cropping), but it can only be opened by your unique Password.
LockMyPix is an easy-to-use, secure photo vault with password protection, cloud backup, and sharing capabilities.

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Simply take photos, then switch between editing modes to anonymize people or objects in any picture you take. LockMyPix gives you the power to erase potentially compromising images you don’t want others seeing.LockMyPix is a password-protected, secure photo vault application.

Keep your photos and videos where only YOU can access them. LockMyPix allows you to take a private Snapshot (picture), Hide it in the vault, protect it with a password, and share it with family and friends in a way that only they can see it!
LockMyPix PRO is a revolutionary product that allows you to store, protect and share all your pictures in the cloud!   This secure online photo storage service

LockMyPix PRO MOD APK Features

LockMyPix PRO MOD APK provides you with the ability to store your private photos and videos in the highest security vaults available. This encrypted cloud storage solution is commonly used to house family memories, just for you, as a long-term password storage solution. We provide locking features that will keep your files safe from unauthorized access for both photos and video files; making it more convenient and secure than ever to work or create in peace with photos and videos you care about having access to.

Instabaddie It’s no secret that your pictures and videos should be safe when you place them online. In fact, we have seen numerous news stories about security issues with social media accounts, and no doubt you’ll be familiar with that. The crypto-wars we’ve seen in the last year or so have led us to think about it even more and that is why we began working on LockMyPix PRO as our solution for secure storage of all your private photos and videos.

Lock & Relax

LockMyPix PRO MOD APK is the trusted mobile photo & video vault for your privacy. Private browsing and instant sharing on social media are now a part of life for nearly every mobile user. When you go shopping for a new camera or smartphone with a built-in camera, you don’t want anyone else snooping around or using your pics and videos without you being aware. That’s why we’ve made it so easy to use – no need to enter or remember a password. There are no unexpected adverts telling you about what’s happening with your pictures!

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LockMyPix PRO MOD APK does more than just protect your pictures and videos. It gives you the exclusive ability to encrypt all of your private pictures and videos so only you will have access to them, no one else, and no data leakage. It does this by using Military-grade AES Technology in its encryption. This ensures that no one but you will have the ability to see what you are storing in your private image collection. Your private computer and mobile photos and videos become accessible only to you.

And, because LockMyPix is open source software, you have the freedom to inspect and improve upon its features as you see fit. The LockMyPix PRO Android app gives you a secure, private place to store all your pictures and videos. It keeps all your information (User ID, Login info, Last login info) secure in its Android cloud storage which has been proven to be one of the best in the industry–the complete opposite from how Android is supposed to work. With the release of LockMyPix PRO, users now have a secure place to store their pictures and videos privacy.

Private Folder

LockMyPix PRO MOD APK changes the game when it comes to sharing photos and videos. Never worry about someone learning your password. Keep all of your photos, videos, and locations in one secure place. Plus you can use our private video chat feature to communicate with friends and family without revealing any sensitive information.LockMyPix PRO was designed to offer sophisticated protection for both personal photos and video content.

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Our mirror-like resistance allows you to keep your entire library of photos and videos secure and private. By default, the app decrypts all data on your device before saving it (unless you choose to allow LockMyPix PRO MOD APK is the most secure smartphone photo storage available. It offers an enhanced user experience and greatly improved smartphone photo security from Android, iOS, or Windows Phone.

Real Encryption

This free and paid app utilizes a unique auto-encryption process that uses the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm for data storage. It provides high levels of protection for your photos, videos, and private files stored on your device.LockMyPix PRO is the world’s most secure password manager.

It offers a variety of new features–such as the ability to automatically sign in to your accounts, exclude unwanted websites from viewing, and save more than 80% of your passwords!–that make it stand out from other password managers.

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We have thousands of users and have tested more than 12 million combinations to ensure that these features work flawlessly with all browsers and software. It also features a complete copy protection system: AES 256-bit encryption for your private photos can be used with the web browser or in any other application. You need a tool that offers professional-quality security for all your photos, videos, and files.

Great photo & video editing software is a must-have, as it can help you produce visually stunning images and videos to publish on your social media pages. A professional-looking website with templates and an easy-to-use drag & drop feature is also important for really engaging social media campaigns. This is why we have launched LockMyPix PRO MOD APK, a secure cloud storage solution with a big focus on security and privacy. It’s easy to use, private, and works with any CMS, allowing you to keep your content private and on your own servers. We also


LockMyPix PRO MOD APK Do not hesitate to download and use this application. You can download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can also find the app on Facebook. There is no physical file that you need to download or pay for. This is a free application that you can use on your smartphone to protect your privacy. You can hide photos and videos from the prying eyes of millions of people.

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