Hotstar MOD APK Download (Watch IPL Live) v11.5.5 Premium Unlocked

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Hotstar MOD APK Download (Watch IPL Live) v11.5.5 Premium Unlocked
Name Hotstar
Publisher Novi Digital
Version 11.5.5
Size 25.04MB
Get it On Google Play
Updated May 25, 2021
MOD Features Premium Unlocked

Today, in the era of this Smartphone, it has become very easy to watch movies, TV Show, Sport, etc. to entertain through Hotstar Premium Apk, where if you had to watch the movie earlier by spending money for it One had to go to the cinema or sit in front of the TV to watch TV shows, Sport, etc.

With the introduction of Hotstar 2021 Apk, the means of entertainment for the user has become easy, but you have become a big problem about this ., that if you want to watch online movies, TV shows, etc. through this platform then for them The user had to take Hotstar Premium VIP Apk for which the user had to pay some amount as a payment every month.

If yes then this article of our day can prove very useful for you because today we are providing you the download link of Disney + Hotstar Apk in our article through our website, which you can download for free and without paying this You can watch online video, TV Show, LIVE IPL on the platform.

What is Hotstar APK

Hotstar Apk is an online streaming application, which was launched on 6 February 2015. When this app was initially launched, it was only available for Android Device, but later it was launched for iOS, Fire TV, Apple TV due to its increasing popularity.

Hotstar VIP Apk has been launched by Indian company Novi Digital Entertainment, let us know that Hotstar 2021 Apk was launched only to watch Online World Cup.

But today on Hotstar Special Apk, you can also stream online with Match, Movie, TV Show, Web series. hotstar Latest Apk is also considered as Video Demand Application today because this app is made to provide video according to user demand which is the best-advanced feature of this app.

Disney + Hotstar special VIP . has become the most popular platform for entertainment today. If you talk about its popularity, then more than 100 million users have downloaded it on their device, which is a huge number. The best part of this . is that it is available not just in one language but in 17 different languages.

If we talk about the increasing popularity of this. today, it is most commonly used to watch Live Cricket, International. Today this app has made it very easy to watch online matches. Earlier there was a big problem for cricket lovers to watch the matches but since the Download Hotstar VIP. Apk came then it is all very easy.

Hotstar Premium APK

In the present time, people do not like to watch movies or other programs on TV because today is the era of smartphones, people like to use Hotstar Premium Apk to fulfill their entertainment.

Hotstar Premium version Apk which is considered as the best option to watch Movie, Web Series, TV Show, today in every young man’s phone whether he is fond of watching movies, web series or is fond of watching IPL, this . in everyone’s phone You definitely get to see.

But to stream any program online on this platform, the user has to take the Hotstar Premium plan Apk, for which the user has to pay a monthly amount. But today we brought you the Hotstar Mod apk in this article from where you can stream any program without paying. Read this article till the end to know about it in detail.

Hotstar Mod apk

Hotstar Mod apk is a .ify Version of Original Apk which has been created by unlocking the feature of the original ., such as till now when the user had to watch the match on this platform, watch the movie then for this the user should download Hotstar Premium Membership Apk Had to be taken in which the payment amount was to be given every month for the user.

But now its unknown manufacturers have launched its Hotstar Premium . Apk where users can use their entertainment tools without any Membership, which is good news for any user.

So if you really like watching matches, movies, Web Series, TV Show and you want to watch them all for free, then I would advise you to download Hotstar . latest Version Apk in your device.

Hotstar Pro Apk is available for download on our official website, as well as how you can download it, we have told you to step by step below. By following this, you can very easily download it to your device. So let’s try to know about it in detail below-

IPL today India is seen as a festival because when the session of IPL starts, there is a different initiative among the youth, but it has become very difficult to watch IPL for free today.

Hotstar IPL Match Live 2021

This is a problem for cricket lovers today, although there is a lot of platforms available to watch the match IPL, due to all the premium, it has become difficult to watch the match today, just keeping this in mind, you are the creator of Hotstar Apk Disney + Hotstar Mod apk has been made available by downloading which you can stream Live IPL 2021 for free.

SO Friends If you are also one of those cricket lovers who want to watch IPL season 2021 but are not watching the match due to everything being premium, then you should download the delayed Hotstar Free Plan Apk from the official link given below. .

Below, we have told you step by step about how you can download this application in your device and how to get Hotstar Free Account Apk, which you can easily download and watch IPL.

Features of Hotstar Mod APK

Disney+ Hotstar Mod apk is the most popular application for entertainment because here for every user to get entertainment, TV, Channel, Movie, Sport are all available to watch for free, which is quite good for every user and advance feature.

Talking about Disney + Hotstar, it has become very popular not only in India but also in many countries across the world. When the international match starts for IPL, most cricket lovers like to watch live cricket on the Disney + Hotstar premium …

In fact today Disney+ Hotstar pro . has become the best platform to watch IPL. The good thing is that here the user has to stream free live IPL in all languages ​​like Hindi, English, Tamil, Punjabi, Telugu according to his language. It is a very advanced feature for every cricket lover.

Disney + Hotstar latest. Version . has many such features available which attract the user towards us which we have told in detail below. You must read this . once before downloading it to your device, so let’s know –

Free premium account

So far, to entertain the user on Hotstar Apk and to use its feature, it had to take a free premium account for which every month or year, or the user had to pay the amount according to the Hotstar plan, which was not easy for every user. .

But now by downloading the Disney + Hotstar. the version which we have provided on this website below, you can complete your free entertainment without any Hotstar plan. So now if you want to enjoy this. without paying, then you must download it from the link given below.

Tv channel

More than 30 TV channels like Special Hotstar, Star Plus, Star Bharat, Life OK are available on Disney+ Hotstar VIP Apk. So if you like watching TV shows, then Disney + Hotstar VIP can prove to be very good. for you, you must download it on your device.



Disney+ Hotstar VIP Apk has proved to be the best platform for cricket lovers, as it was made to watch special cricket. Today, users can easily enjoy IPL 2021, and other sports, such as football and hockey.

The good thing about this . is that if you have not been able to see the match on time due to your important work, then you have given the option of highlighting it here.

This means you can also see the highlight of the match later, which can be done by any user For Disney + Hotstar VIP Apk has a lot of advanced features. So now if you are also fond of watching sports, then without delay download this . from the link given below.

Web series

Presently, the craze of watching youth web series is increasing considerably keeping in mind that now the makers of Disney + Hotstar Mod apk have provided the option of watching the special web series on this application where you can watch the web series online as per your choice. Can stream.


Today, watching movies is considered to be the best tool for entertainment, and even at the same time, people like watching movies for free. If you are also one of those people then Disney+ Hotstar VIP Premium Apk is for you because here Bollywood, Hollywood, Latest Movie are all available according to their category. Which you can watch online easily.

Download video

In Disney+ Hotstar Mod apk, its makers have also added the option of video download, thanks to the fact that if you want to save your data and download the video online, you can watch it anytime on your device.

Video on demand

This is your video demand application, which means that if you want to watch a movie, web series of your choice, but it is not available on Disney + Hotstar VIP Apk, then for this you can ask the application team for any video of your choice. Can request


Keeping news of the foreign country became very important for every person today, so now the makers of this . have added a news channel to the Hotstar special. from where you can keep an eye on the news of the country and abroad.

Easy to use

Disney+ Hotstar VIP. Apk is designed by its manufacturers in such a way that anyone can easily use it. As such, the user gets the list of all program channels, according to the category, as soon as the . is opened. From where the user can watch movies, web series, tv, etc. as per his choice.

Many languages

Disney + Hotstar VIP. Apk is currently available in 17 languages, which shows that in which state you live or which language you know, it does not matter because now you have languages ​​like Hindi, English, Telugu, Punjabi on this. I can enjoy the program.

No Hardware

When we watch a program on TV, it requires much hardware such as TV, setup box, Kemble, but you will not need any hardware to monitor this .. Just for this, you need an Android phone and internet in it which is available to every Android user today.

Full control

Here the user has complete control such as if you are watching any movie, web series on the Hotstar app, then you can complete your second task by taking that stop in the middle and then after completing your work again and start watching from the same is.

No root phone

Often, there is a faculty in the user’s mind about . that downloading it does not run the data of the phone or if the phone has to be rooted. But let us tell you that you can download Hotstar Mod apk on your device without rooting it. You do not have to worry about incoming data at all.

How to Download Hotstar Mod apk

Currently, Hotstar Mod apk has proved to be the best platform for lovers of match watching, as here users can easily stream live matches without paying, apart from this many programs can be seen live here. Which was mentioned in detail above?

Now comes the matter of how to download the Hotstar app to the device? So we have given you information that downloading disney+ Hotstar . is quite easy because its download link is available in our website below, where you can download it very easily by clicking.

But before that, let us tell you that the Disney+ Hotstar. the version we have provided below with you is a . version created by hacking the original ., and google play store is not allowed to upload any hack version to your server So that’s why you don’t need to go to Google Play Store to download it. To download it, just follow the step below –

  • To download this ., first of all, you have to install Hotstar . from your phone.
  • Now you have to download it by clicking from the. version link is given below.
  • Depending on the speed of the Internet, Disney + Hotstar Pro VIP will be downloaded to your phone.
  • Which you can check by going to the Apk download folder of your phone memory.

After downloading the Disney + Hotstar. the version in the device. If you want to watch movies, web series, sports on this platform, then you have to install it on your phone. Which is explained below step by step –

How to Download Hotstar Premium Apk on Android?

If you like to watch matches, movies, web series then Disney+ Hotstar Premium Apk is the best platform that you can download your device Kalmy by following the steps given above.

If you have downloaded and want to watch a movie tv show etc. to use it, then for this you have to install Hotstar on your device. After downloading the Hotstar ., it is quite easy to install in the device, which we have explained below step by step, which you can easily install in your device by following it.

  1. First of all, you have to download the above download Disney + Hotstar pro tip on the device.
  2. After downloading, you have to go to the settings of your phone device.
  3. After coming to the setting, the unknown source has to be enabled here.
  4. Now you have to go to your device where you downloaded this ..
  5. Once you get to the folder, here you will find the Disney + Hotstar Pro VIP download link, which you have to click on.
  6. Clicking on the download link will start installing on your phone.
  7. After some time it will be installed on your phone.
  8. After install, you can open it and see the programs of your choice.

Hotstar for PC

Hotstar For PC has become the best tool for entertainment today, but right now most of the users are using it on their mobile device, but is it available for Hotstar Computer? It has become a question of many people today, if you are also one of them, then tell me that Hotstar is now available for PC.

And now if you want to download your Hotstar For PC . in your computer, then it is very easy, about which we have explained step by step below, which you can easily download by downloading this . in your computer. Can. Let’s know –

Hotstar Download for PC

Hotstar Download for PC Indian has a Digital Entertainment Application, which is mainly made for watching International Cricket, currently, this Disney+ Hotstar For PC is being used to do the most IPL live streaming. If you also want to stream IPL 2021 Live on your PC, then you can download it from the link given below –

Features of Disney+ Hotstar For PC

  • What are the features of the Disney + Hotstar VIP PC app –
  • On Hotstar Premium for PC . you can live stream any sport.
  • With the help of this ., you can watch TV shows, movies, Web series, etc. online on your PC.
  • You can watch all videos online with HD Quality on Hotstar VIP.

How to Download Hotstar Live Cricket

If you want to download Disney + Hotstar Pro For PC . in your PC, then follow the step given below-

  • First of all, you have to click on the link given below.
  • Once you click on Download Hotstar ., it will be downloaded to your pc in some time.
  • Now you have to go to the download folder of your pc and install it from there.
  • After installing Hotstar, you can log in and view the program according to your choice.

Hotstar Mod apk FAQs

So far, more than 100 million users have downloaded Hotstar Mod apk on their device, which is quite a large number, due to so many users of this ., there are many such questions related to Hotstar Apk which arise in your mind, of course, if you According to the step given above, if you have downloaded it to your device, then some questions related to it must also arise in your mind.

If yes, we have shared the answers to some questions that you must read. So let’s know –

What Types of Video Available On Hotstar Mod apk?

Hotstar Apk is the best platform to entertain. Where you get to see many videos. If you have downloaded this . from the above-given link, then you can stream Unlimited movie, Sport, TV Show, News here on your device.

Is It Safe to Hotstar? .?

Hotstar has downloaded more than 100 million users so far and is enjoying its entertainment by using it, 100 million users so that you can personally guess that Disney + Hotstar VIP is absolutely safe, without having to worry about security You can download it.

How to use Disney + Hotstar Pro VIP

Disney + Hotstar pro VIP . has been created by its makers in such a way that any new user can easily use it. Just like you do a UN to watch a video here, on its homepage you get all the video channels separately – where you can easily see the video of your choice by clicking.


With the advent of applications like Hotstar in this digital age, entertainment sessions have become very easy. More than 100 million users are fulfilling their entertainment hobbies using this application.

Collection There is many people who are looking for Hotstar. right now, keeping in mind that today we have shared Disney + Hotstar Pro VIP . with you in this article.

I hope that you will have successfully downloaded it from our website by following the step given above, but if you are having any problem downloading it or want to know any question related to it, then you can ask us by commenting. We will help you by connecting with you soon.

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