Racing Fever MOD APK v1.83 (Unlimited Money)

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Genre Racing
Size 62MB
Version 1.83
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Last Updated October 16, 2022 (5 months ago)
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Have you ever wanted to be the star of your own Racing Fever MOD APK? Well, now you can! Racing Fever Mod Apk lets you become the driver of the best car on the track and win every race! There are tons of races to play and all you have to do is get in your car and drive. You start off as just a new driver in need of some cash, but as you play more races and win more money, you can unlock new cars, upgrade your current cars, and unlock new tracks so that you can race on them all.

Racing Fever MOD APK

What is Racing Fever Mod Apk?

Racing Fever Mod Apk is a 3D racing game that gives you full control over your car. Customize and upgrade your ride, race through different environments, complete missions and win tournaments. Collect cash along your way to buy new cars and parts. The more races you win, the higher your level will become. The multiplayer feature makes it all even more exciting because racing against other players brings out all of your competitive streaks.

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As you progress through various challenges and missions, your driving skills will also become better. Racing Fever takes racing games to a whole new level by allowing you control over your car with full-blown customization and options for upgrades. You can also battle against other players in multiplayer mode, which makes it even more fun and engaging.

Racing Fever MOD APK

While many driving games can be repetitive, Racing Fever offers plenty of variety that keeps you hooked. The game doesn’t rely on fancy cars or environments for its appeal. Instead, it encourages you to unlock new parts and earn better upgrades for your ride as you race through difficult missions. It also allows you to collect cash on your way, which can be used for buying new cars and accessories.

Why play this Racing Fever Mod Apk Game?

With a plethora of Racing Fever MOD APK on app stores these days, it’s hard to find one that’s both fun and feels realistic. With Racing Fever you’ll get a great experience in both categories, which is why we’ve reviewed it as one of our top racing games for Android. If you’re interested in playing some top-tier race cars on a variety of challenging tracks, grab your controller and download Racing Fever right now. We assure you that you won’t regret it.

Why play racing fever? With a huge variety of cars and tracks, you’ll be able to switch between different scenarios and racetracks, allowing you to get your driving skills right before challenging other players online. The game is also relatively easy when it comes to controls, so even if you’re not an expert on mobile racing games, Racing Fever is perfect for players of all levels. Download it now and enjoy hours of non-stop fun!

How do you Play Racing Fever MOD APK?

If you’re new to Racing Fever Mod Apk, it’s important that you know a few things before you start racing. First off, your car can hit up to 240 km/h (150 mph) if you have a fully upgraded engine and transmission. If you’re not yet comfortable with those speeds, upgrade your suspension instead—you need more control than ever in later levels of Racing Fever. Also, know that many racing games will let you accidentally crash into another car.

Racing Fever MOD APK

Don’t worry about slowing down if you crash; just keep racing as long as you can. If you crash enough, your car will slow down on its own and you can repair it. Be careful, though; if a car crashes into yours, your car will take damage. If a second car hits yours while it’s already damaged, it could be game over for that level!

Features of Racing Fever MOD APK

Racing Fever Mod Apk is an exciting new racing game featuring classic arcade gameplay with a modern twist. It includes fantastic graphics, fully customizable vehicles, and lots of upgrade options, as well as great sound effects. As you win races, you earn money that can be used to improve your car and make it faster and more durable.

Racing Fever MOD APK

5 locations

City, Desert, Arctic, Countryside, and Space. All these locations are filled with fun tracks for you to master.

20+ cars

there are plenty of different cars for you to unlock and upgrade. Each car has its own unique look and performance characteristics. Choose your favorite vehicle and take it for a spin!

100+ Upgrades

improve your car’s engine, tires, suspension, transmission, and much more.

Career Mode

Race against other cars in a series of increasingly difficult races. Each race you win will earn you money that can be used to upgrade your car and make it faster and more durable.

Daily Bonus Mode

Every day you will be able to participate in a special race where you can win a large amount of money. You also have a chance of finding powerful upgrades and brand-new cars.

Private Mode

Race against your friends or other players in multiplayer mode. Join a private match and play with your friends, or host a game and wait for others to join. You can also choose between different game modes.

Highlight Features

  • No Ads
  • 100+ unique cars from 3 tier divisions
  • Realistic off-road terrain and tracks
  • Upgrade your Car with Engine, Brakes, Suspension, Tires, and more.
  • Challenging career mode & short race mode.
  • Smooth controls & a realistic racing experience for every car lover.
  • 30+ achievements for you to unlock in-game. ( Increased gameplay )

How Long do you get to Play Before Paying?

This game is free but comes with ads. Although you can play as long as you like before being pushed to watch an ad, there are other ways to unlock levels faster. Here’s how much time it takes each in-app purchase option to unlock a level

If you really want to get ahead in Racing Fever, it might be time to invest. Because with each car comes a time limit before you have to pay for an upgrade and that can add up pretty quickly.

Download Racing Fever MOD APK

Click Here To Download Our Updated Racing Fever Mod Apk With Unlimited Cash, Unlocked Cars, and Upgrades. You can now drive all cars in Racing Fever for free and unlock them for free as well. All you need is our updated mod apk and a little bit of skill to win all races you take part in… with minimum effort on your part.

We know that playing Racing Fever for free can be tough when all of your opponents have faster cars than you. This is why we created our modded Racing Fever apk; it gives you a fighting chance in every race!

Racing Fever MOD APK FAQs

Q: How do I install Racing Fever?

A: First, you need to download and install a file manager. Then, open your file manager and look for a folder named Android or Obb. If you can’t find it, just search for it.

Q: How do I download Racing Fever MOD APK?

A: You can download Racing Fever MOD APK by going to your file manager and then looking for a folder named .apk. Just click on it and follow its instructions.

Q: What is Racing Fever MOD APK’s permissions?

A: The main permission is android permission INTERNET, which is required for loading ads and other content from our servers. The other permissions are related to in-game purchases and storage access.


I hope you enjoyed my Racing Fever Mod Apk. This is a really fun game, and if you love racing games like Asphalt 8 then you’ll definitely enjoy it. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. Thanks for reading.!

Download Racing Fever MOD APK v1.83 (Unlimited Money)

Download (62MB)
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